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2019 Chicago Marathon: Performance and Recovery Secrets

The Chicago Marathon is just around the corner and runners are well into their training routines. Having helped thousands of athletes gain peak performance on collegiate and professional levels, Dr. Daniel Jacobazzi – Chicago’s only dual licensed Chiropractor and Physical Therapist at phyxMe Physical Therapy, shares how he helps athletes recover from training and athletic injuries faster without the need for surgery, then go on to beat their best personal records (PRs) after treatment.

Cortisone Injections More Harmful than Good

Avoid Cortisone Injections! Recently several new patients have to our office seeking care AFTER receiving cortisone injections. Cortisone injections are well known to create short-term improvements that actually have NEGATIVE consequences. Be informed before allowing a medical professional or trainer to use them on you.

Don’t Waste your Year-End HSA and Insurance Deductible Savings!

How to maximize your HSA and Insurance Benefits to cover most, if not all, your physical therapy and chiropractic treatments at our clinic in North Center Chicago.